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If you’ve always wanted a brainstorming studio to tackle the most difficult part of designing your life, work and location: clear ideas.


It can be hard navigating the head-scratching amount of information out there regarding curating your life, particularly if you don’t know where to start in the first place. There has also never been so much confusion and uncertainty in the world as there is right now.


Three of the biggest stumbling blocks stopping people from making necessary changes in their lives are fear, lack of support and lack of clarity.


Discovery Sessions is an idea factory for entrepreneurial life designers. You’ll find personalized brainstorming tools, expert access, and information to save time, find clarity, and face life head-on.

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The Discovery Sessions blog will feed you C.L.E.A.R. information: clarity, life design, entrepreneurship, adventure and remote work.

Personal Fact Files

Supercharged brainstorming to find out how to start, become and be great at your next big idea with a personalized report.


Our six brainstorming tools help you find new career and business ideas, name your business, validate business ideas, audit your personal brand and curate your personal education library.

Life Design Interviews

No one is in a better position to give you clarity about an impending decision than someone that’s already renowned for doing it.


Whether you want to validate your existing ideas or need assistance coming up with new ones, a life design interview with an established lifestyle entrepreneur will help you go from confused to clear and from alone to supported.

Writer Rosie Bell

Your Brainstorming Coach



Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and entrepreneur that’s been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, ABC News, NBC News, Lonely Planet, HuffPost and the BBC among other reputable publications.


Starting out in a London advertising agency, I have worn many professional hats and dipped my feet into various industries from matchmaking to running a fashion brand with a celebrity following (hello Rihanna).


Just like you, I’ve faced burn out, lacked excitement, purpose and most importantly, clarity.


As with many entrepreneurs, Discovery Sessions came about by solving my own problem. Regarding career construction and life design I kept hearing the same advice: “be curious and talk to people”.


When brainstorming business ideas, however, there wasn’t really a dedicated place to draw personalized insight or have real conversations with experienced people about the topics I was curious about.



I would have appreciated a timesaving service that paired me with experts.



People who could tell me their stories about the reality, requirements and possibilities of specific paths, to help me ascertain founder fit, provide encouragement, and take the guesswork out of decisions – so I decided to create one.


Through trial and (a lot of) error, I have now written my way to a career that genuinely complements my desired lifestyle and brought me professional as well as personal fulfilment.


My mission (and greatest pleasure) is helping people find life satisfaction and career success on their own terms. I believe in doing work you love, living where your soul feels alive and intentionally making your life work for you, not working for your life.




What can I help you with today?


Discovery Sessions


Discovery Sessions


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Travel Writing Course - Everything You Need To Know
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Discovery Sessions


Discovery Sessions


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Rosie is a beautifully open-minded and big-hearted wanderer and incredibly passionate writer who not only touches those who read her own publications but also humbly shares her knowledge on writing and life design with others. I’m looking forward to that next book.

– Project Manager, PreStep GmbH

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Rosie is the real deal, one of those cool people that's doing different things. She's so well-spoken and articulate; it's refreshing.

– Will Ganss, ABC News

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Rosie blew me away at one of her workshops I attended. I hired her after that and absolutely loved that she was so easy to work with and a pleasure to know as an individual.

– Andres Moretti, Founder, Dental Pixel Marketing

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