Travel Writing 101: How to Build a Full-Time Career as a Travel Writer


Learn all there is to know about the greatest job in the world.

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Break into the world’s most prestigious publications with your travel writing

Have you always wanted to be a travel writer, but unsure of what it involves or how to break into the industry?


Wondered how to write great travel stories that captivate and inspire readers to answer the call of elsewhere?


Would you like to learn about the business side of travel writing, finding your first clients, press trips and sending pitches?


Travel writing is an eclectic mix of business and the creative. It’s a prized and often-misunderstood profession and this class will help you unpick it.


What You’ll Learn

Finding clients

Magazines, newspapers and publishers you can write for

Travel blogging

How to write pitches and sell yourself

What press trips are all about and how to organize one

The anatomy of a great travel story

How to find story ideas and unique angles

The perks and perils of the job

The difference between travel bloggers and travel journalists

Freelancing finances and administration

Why travel writing has been called the greatest job in the world

Perfect For…

Beginners and aspiring professional travel writers

With a focus on freelance travel writing, this class will benefit anyone looking improve their skills, break into the industry and understand the business side of things

Anyone that aspires to inspire others with their words while getting paid to learn about the world



Section 1: Starting Out

In this section, we’ll cover the perks and perils of the job (yes, there are drawbacks), the difference between travel bloggers and travel journalists, and how to find your first clients. You’ll get an extensive list of places your travel writing can get published including magazines, newspapers and online publications (hint: there are many more than you think).

4 lessons


Travel writing online course

Section 2: Writing

Diving into writing next, you’ll learn how to pitch stories that editors will love, and get examples of successful pitches, templates and pitching guidelines from various publications (think BBC, Vice, New York Times). There will be tips for finding story ideas and unique angles and insight into writing great stories and articles.

3 lessons


Travel Writing Online Course

Section 3: Your Freelance Writing Business

Here, we’ll take a detailed look at freelancer finances and the admin tasks that will keep your writing business afloat (no stone will be left unturned). Writing niches will be uncovered here, too. Should you have one? Do you need one? What niches are there in the first place? We shall also dissect travel blogs and media kits to promote your site.

3 lessons


Travel Writing Online Course

Section 4: Good to Know

Learn about FAMs, press trips and working with tourism boards (this is the “free travel” part everyone wants to know about). There will be some super useful resources provided for you like secret societies and networking groups and 11 travel writing commandments that will serve you well throughout your roving career.

3 lessons


Travel Writing Online Course

Section 5: Class Project

After you’ve got a world of inspiration regarding writing great articles, breaking into travel writing and also the business side of things, it’ll be time to put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop) with a class project. With the help of the Excel sheet that’s available for download, your class project will inspire you to take those crucial first steps towards sharing your travel stories with the world and earning a pretty penny, too.

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“The content here was really comprehensive and useful. There are tonnes of gorgeous travel images and the download is worth its weight in gold. Rosie’s speaking style is really good. Best of all, her script is a perfect example of really great writing. Inspiring and practical stuff. Thanks, Rosie!”

– Karen Cherry

“I found this course to be invaluable to me as I start my freelance writing career. In spite of being so busy, I knew that this course was worth my time. I took very detailed notes and I know I’ll refer to them in the future. Thank you Rosie for creating this incredibly informative course.”

– Marissa Tims

“Each class is detailed and organised, providing a step-by-step guide to all facets of being a travel writer! I’ve got so many new, bright ideas on what to write and how to write better. I’ve gained loads of great tactics which I now hope to utilise to start writing professionally. I would definitely recommend the course if anyone is looking to improve their writing style, be it travel-related or not. Thank you, Rosie!”
– Alex Patterson
“Loved this course, it was so in-depth and the Excel sheet is definitely going to help me set up my travel writing career. I found it thoroughly inspiring and I cannot wait to start writing and pitching now! The best online course I’ve taken on skillshare.”
– Connie de Vos

“Really enjoyed this course! Extremely thorough and gives a lot of confidence in starting out as a freelance writer, or building on your previous writing experience. Thank you, Rosie!”

– Ines Garoupa

“Very informative and clear spoken. Rosie Bell really knows her information and has done a great job presenting it. She’s very realistic about the perks and perils of the job. No sugar-coating the facts of travel writing. I like that most.”

– Nikki Lee

“I loved this course. I’ve been feeling stuck at my current job and the way Rosie structured the class, her honesty and passion for what she does was inspiring! Rosie made a far off dream seem realistic and tangible so, thank you!”
– Annie Cooper

“This class exceeded my expectations! There was so much information that was really helpful to me as a beginner. I highly recommend this course! Great examples, explanations, and action steps. Thank you for creating this!”

– Madeleine Cooke

”What a great class! It was very clear, organized and interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Rosie.”
– Denise Livingston

“The level of detail in this class is really mind-blowing. Rosie has pretty much covered everything you need to know before starting and during the early stages of your career too. I knew the class was going to be good given the great reviews, but I didn’t expect it to be this great. Perfect match for me.”

– Vanessa Lima

”This class was like a 1:1 lesson with Rosie where she took me around the world and showed me everything I need to make the travel life real. I would recommend this for anyone thinking about travel journalism and what it could do for your life.”
– Roxanne Devine

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Travel Writing Course - Everything You Need To Know
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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, hola, hoi, aloha! My name is Rosie Bell and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and entrepreneur. I regularly write about travel and life design for publications on both sides of the Atlantic.


My words have appeared in Forbes Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, Brides, Travel + Leisure, BBC WorklifeFodor’s, Hemispheres, HuffPost and World Nomads among others. I’ve had articles go viral and been featured as an expert on NBC News and ABC News. I’m also the author of travel writing manual, “The Art & Business of Travel Writing”.


I’ve been fortunate to cast my eyes on over 100 alluring global destinations but feel most at home under the sun. Travel writing has given me the world. In this class, I share everything I know about the greatest job there is.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take this class?

Once you seal the deal by registering and purchasing this class, you’ll be able to watch it at your own pace and as many times as you like from any device with an internet connection.


What’s included?

2 hours of 15 content-rich video training modules to inspire, entertain and help kickstart your travel writing career.


Do I have to complete this class within a certain time frame?

Purchasing this self-paced class grants you lifetime access. These video lessons will be valid and available for you to watch as you please till the end of time.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

There are no required skills or pre-requisites needed for this course besides a willingness to learn and be entertained, and a desire to travel the world and get paid to write.


Are you the real deal?

My writing has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Forbes Travel Guide, National Geographic Traveller, Lonely PlanetBridesCondé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveller, Atlas Obscura, BBC Worklife, BBC Travel, Fodor’s, Cosmpolitan, HuffPost, and World Nomads among other reputable publications.


This is what BBC Travel editor Eliot Stein had to say about my work: “Rosie is a consummate professional. She pitches well, writes better, and has a great sense of storytelling”.


Can I practice what I learn?

Absolutely. A handy Excel worksheet is provided for you with additional references, six exercises, and space for you to take notes as you go along.


Who is this class suited to?

It’s perfect for beginners and aspiring freelance travel writers and anyone seeking the exhilaration that comes from sharing your travel stories. Even if you have little to no writing experience, this class will guide you towards finding your first clients, writing powerful travel stories and making a living from your work.


Is this class good value for money?

I’ll let a satisfied student answer that: “I would like to spread the word and suggest amateur writers take this class if they’re serious about this particular industry. I have worked in the media as a freelance photo journalist, documentary photographer and writer for the past four years and I feel confident in saying that out of many other courses I’ve come across, this one is thus far the most informative and is filled with important points that are otherwise not shared by the industry writers.”


What’s the benefit of taking this class?

You’ll get a world of inspiration regarding writing great articles, breaking into travel writing and the business side of things. Upon completion of this class, you’ll have a definitive blueprint for building a successful and profitable career as a travel writer, a profession that’s been called the greatest job in the world.

Let’s go!