The Complete Copywriting Course: Writing Every Word Your Business or Brand Needs


Become the best marketer for your business even if that’s not your background.

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Become the best marketer for your business even if that’s not your background

Your business needs great copy that sells, and who knows your business better than you do?


With a little training, you can pick up the tools to become the copywriter your business needs.


This course will show you how to use words to sing your brand’s song and become the best salesperson for your business because after all, it’s yours.

What You’ll Learn

All about creating your brand elements: slogans, taglines, elevator pitches & product descriptions

Over 50 best practice examples from brilliant brands

How to sizzle on social media

How to write newsworthy newsletters

How to craft promotional materials like press releases, media kits & flyers

How to create wonderful websites

10 crucial commandments of copywriting

That copywriting doesn’t have to be boring or taxing

What copywriting is and how it differs from content writing

This course will empower you to seduce the hearts, minds and wallets of your ideal customers with copy that you write even without a marketing background

Perfect For…

Small to medium business owners looking to grow their brands

Aspiring copywriters

Budding entrepreneurs



Copywriting course

Section 1: Starting Out

Well, what is copywriting? We’ll start from the very beginning and define what copywriting is and how it differs from content writing, too. We’ll talk about your business blueprint and outlining your outline your goals, audience and tone because knowing what you hope to achieve and who you’re talking to lets you know how to talk to them. 

3 lessons


Copywriting course

Section 2: All The Words Your Business Needs 

In this section, we’ll go over writing your brand elements like product names and descriptions, taglines and slogans, elevator pitches, writing out your (USP) unique selling point, and explore social media copy, promotional materials like press releases and media kits, newsworthy newsletters, wonderful websites, and even personal branding. There will be examples from copywriting heroes throughout and no stone will be left unturned. 

6 lessons


Copywriting course

Section 3: Copywriting Commandments & Class Project

We’ll round things off with 10 copywriting commandments that blend everything you’ve learned so far together nicely. After you’ve got a world of inspiration for creative, unique and effective ways to present your business, it’ll be time to put pen to paper (or fingers to laptop) with a class project. With the handy worksheet that’s available for download, your class project will help you start crafting the copy that your business needs to attract the clients you want.

2 lessons

life design interviews


“This class gave me new perspectives about my business and I can take what I learned and implement them today! “

– Tanya Goff

“This class was delicious. I just loved it.”

– Eugenie D.

“This class is just spectacular! Rosie has filled it with loads of juicy and practical information without making it overwhelming or intimidating. I have been watching it section by section and tackling the copy for my new business between each video. I would definitely recommend this class! ”
– Jessica Steytler

“Rosie’s presentation, visuals, and clarity in speaking are commendable. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you!

– Mariel Z.

“Perfect course if you’re trying to get into copywriting or starting your own business or brand. I would definitely recommend it.”

– Nnamdi A.

“Anyone that’s thinking of starting a business needs to take this class. It’s so complete and literally goes through every single facet of your marketing copy – even terms and conditions, press releases and social media captions. I highly recommend this without a doubt.

– Sue A.

“This class was full of great information and examples. Thanks for making it clear.”

– Nica Wells.

“This class shows and also tells with great examples throughout. It was really helpful to me and definitely exceeded my expectations. I also never really understood what copywriting was and this class explains it in a clear and straightforward manner that hits the spot.”

– Vaness Lima

Watch anywhere

Stream this class on your device of choice from Timbuktu, a poolside cabana or your home office – anywhere with an internet connection. 

The Complete Copywriting Course: Writing Every Word Your Business or Brand Needs
Career coaching

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there! My name is Rosie Bell and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and entrepreneur and I write copy for big brands on both sides of the Atlantic. 


My words have appeared in Forbes Travel GuideLonely PlanetBridesTravel + LeisureBBC WorklifeFodor’s, Hemispheres, HuffPost and World Nomads among others. I’ve had articles go viral and been featured as an expert on NBC News and ABC News. I have been fortunate to partner with and work for recognizable companies like Airbnb, Hawaiian Tropic and W Hotels.


I’ve run my own businesses, worked in international advertising agencies and directly with clients on a freelance basis. In this class, I share everything I know about copywriting, helpful tools and handy insights for you to become the best salesperson for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I take this class?

Once you seal the deal by registering and purchasing this class, you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you like from any device with an internet connection.


What’s included?

2.5 hours of 11 content-rich video training modules to help you write memorable and effective marketing copy that works across different platforms. 


Do I have to complete this class within a certain time frame?

Purchasing this self-paced class grants you lifetime access. These video lessons will be valid and available for you to watch as you please till the end of time.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

There are no required skills or pre-requisites needed for this course besides a willingness to learn and be entertained, and a desire to seduce the hearts, minds and wallets of your ideal customers.


Can I practice what I learn?

Absolutely. A handy worksheet is provided for you with copywriting exercises and space for you to take notes as you go along.


Who is this class suited to?

It’s perfect for aspiring wordsmiths, budding entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their brands. It’s an engaging starter kit filled to the brim with over 50 best practice examples and copywriting insights.


Is this class good value for money?

I’ll let a satisfied student answer that: “Rosie Bell shares what she knows about business and writing in a fun and engaging way that makes you want to know more. This class has a lot of helpful information and is a great foundation for anyone wanting to work on their own brand. The examples are brilliant, too. There are case studies from Ben & Jerry’s, Skittles, Toms and even Mad Men.


What’s the benefit of taking this class?

You’ll get your creative juices flowing and possibly even have some fun doing so, too. Most importantly, you’ll get tools and insights to become the best salesperson for your business because after all, it’s yours.

Let’s go!