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Want to cut overwhelm with all the information out there?


Want better learning and less scrolling?


Want a curated library to teach you exactly what you need to reach YOUR specific life goals?


Want a lifestyle expert and wordsmith to design your very own knowledge bank?


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Almost 3,000 new books are published every single day and there’s a lot of jargon out there on the information highway.

Honestly, most of this content isn’t worth your time if it doesn’t help you reach your goals.

If you want to save time, energy and be intentional about your learning, this personal education library builder is just what the doctor ordered.

This service pairs you with 40 tailored recommendations putting your interests and desires at the forefront of the search so you can bring your specific goals to fruition.

Choosing to be curious is the first step to an interesting life. This means exposing yourself to new information, to books, to people and to ideas.

Let’s find the right ones for you.

What you’ll get

A PDF report with 40 hand-picked recommendations

Your very own knowledge bank and education concierge

Within 7 days

This curated personal education library includes:

A curated report of what you should be reading, listening to and devouring to reach your specific goals and align your external environment with your inner desires.

40 personalized recommendations including 10 blogs and online publications, 10 podcasts, 10 books, and 10 newsletters and online courses (in English).

Educational resources that are selected according to your given criteria (which you provide in a short diagnostic self-assessment survey upon booking).

Concise summaries and reviews of each recommendation citing the benefits to you.

Links to access each resource straight away.

Your most personalized education concierge for purposeful learning.

Career coaching

Your personal education library curator

My name is Rosie Bell and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and experienced entrepreneur. I regularly write about travel and life design for publications on both sides of the Atlantic.


My words have appeared in Forbes Travel Guide, Lonely Planet, Brides, Travel + Leisure, BBC WorklifeFodor’s, Hemispheres, HuffPost and World Nomads among others. I’ve had articles go viral and been featured as an expert on NBC News and ABC News. I’m also the author of several books including “Escape to Self” and “The Art & Business of Travel Writing”.


My mission (and greatest pleasure) is to help people find career success and life satisfaction on their own terms.


There’s a lot of noise out there regarding how to curate your work, location and life. Navigating this head-scratching amount of information can be. Let me help you cut through the noise.

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As we know, easy reading makes for hard writing, but Rosie makes it seem effortless and imbues her writing with the right amount of personality. You won't do better than hiring Rosie to write ANYTHING for you. Recommend 10/10.

– Pia Newman, Founder, Mindful Nomad Hacks

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Rosie is the real deal, one of those cool people that's doing different things. She's so well-spoken and articulate; it's refreshing.

– Will Ganss, ABC News

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I had the pleasure of working with Rosie on a retreat in Germany. Her communication skills are exceptional, demonstrated in her delivery of workshops, her writing, and her day to day interactions.

– Lisa Forbes, Founder, Sweet Seedling

This personalised knowledge bank is beneficial if you:

Think life is too short to read bad books



 Want to do the reading but none of the research legwork



 Don’t want to waste time on content that doesn’t serve you



Feel overwhelmed by all the new information released every day



Want to be intentional about your learning and enjoy purposeful content



Would love a curated collection of treasures from a diverse range of reputable sources



Love discovering new titles and digesting great content with your name on it



Need content to inspire your revelation, eureka or light bulb moment



Lack clarity about your next move and need tailored information



Have always dreamed of having your very own book concierge



Want to master your specific niche or area quickly



Suffer from reading fatigue

Let me save you time and energy.

How it works

To get your personal education library, you’ll complete a short diagnostic questionnaire that’s included in your order confirmation.


Each report is personalized just for you according to the details you provide.


You’ll get 40 curated treasures based on YOUR interests, goals and desires.


This will be all yours within 7 days.

Your time saved. Your inspiration found.


Get your personal education library at the touch of this button.