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Are you looking for a new career?


That you actually like?


That will bring variety into your life?


That represents you in the best way?


That meets your internal goals?


That lets you work online and gives you location independence?



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Worldwide 85% of people don’t like their jobs. That’s a LOT of unhappy people.

If that sounds like you, it's time to situate yourself somewhere more comfortable.

Constructing your career is one of the most crucial elements of life design as the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime.

Coming up with ideas is the first and often hardest part of a career change.

Work places are changing and a there's a dizzying array of career options which didn’t exist just years ago.

You might be stuck or simply paralyzed from having too many options swirling in your head. This service will give you just 10 thoroughly researched options based on the information you provide. This will be the first step in your support team.

There is no one-size-fits-all magic wand for changing careers so these reports are tailored to YOU.

What you’ll get

A tailor-made inspiration report

In PDF format

Within 7 days

This career finder service includes:

A nicely packaged and easily digestible report that you can refer to at your own time and pace

An insightful +15-page PDF report tailored to YOU and YOUR wants and needs

Too many ideas are just as stifling as none so you'll get just 10 brilliant career ideas (for online and offline jobs)

Each proposed career path will have a clear job description, average salary range, required qualifications, required skills and tools, typical weekly hours, prominent individuals in the field and link(s) to further educational resources

An evaluation sheet ranking each career option according to your criteria (which you provide in the diagnostic self-assessment questionnaire that’s completed after booking)

The most convenient career coaching you can lay your hands on

Career coaching

Your career brainstorming coach

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and entrepreneur that’s been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, ABC News, NBC News, Lonely Planet, HuffPost and the BBC among other reputable publications.

Starting out in a London advertising agency, I have worn many professional hats and dipped my feet into various industries from matchmaking to designing swimwear loved by Rihanna. I’ve faced burn out, lacked excitement, purpose and most importantly, clarity.

Through trial and error, I have since written my way to a career that genuinely complements my desired lifestyle and brought me professional as well as personal fulfillment. I have been where you are and would have loved to have access a service like this back then.

My mission (and greatest pleasure) is to help people find career success and life satisfaction on their own terms.

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Discovery Sessions


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As we know, easy reading makes for hard writing, but Rosie makes it seem effortless and imbues her writing with the right amount of personality. You won't do better than hiring Rosie to write ANYTHING for you. Recommend 10/10.

– Pia Newman, Founder, Mindful Nomad Hacks

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Rosie is the real deal, one of those cool people that's doing different things. She's so well-spoken and articulate; it's refreshing.

– Will Ganss, ABC News

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Besides writing engaging and well-researched content, Rosie is also a pleasure to work with. She’s a hard worker, very professional and is able to work to deadlines. I’ve been very happy with the results I achieved through working with her, which I have now done many times. I highly recommend Rosie for all content creation.

– David Gold, Founder, Casco Antiguo Spanish School

This tailor-made discovery service is beneficial if you:

Feel disengaged, unsatisfied, restless or trapped in your current vocation


Are stuck in a job that isn’t your cup of tea


Have been affected by the pandemic and need to pivot to a new industry or job


Are working on “You 2.0”


Want to know how you can leverage your transferrable skills in a new industry


Feel like a square peg in a round hole


Can’t imagine yourself staying in the same job happily for the foreseeable future


You’ve recently lost your job


No matter how hard you think, you can’t remember the last time you felt good about work.


You have limited career experience


You’ve never had a profession and just dipping your feet into the world of work

You’d like to add some zing, pizzazz and get a pep in your professional step again


Would like to write a new chapter of your work life


Want to actively choose your career path rather than stumbling into it when you were younger


Are undecided about what to do next


Need information to get acquainted with the new, ever-changing face of work


Desire meaningful work


Are curious about online entrepreneurship and location freedom


Lack clarity about your next move


Lack the time and bandwidth to adequately research new career options


Need a dose of career construction inspiration


Think life is too short to be unhappy at work

Are waiting for your revelation, eureka or light bulb moment to happen

Let me do the thinking for you

How it works

To get your tailor-made career intelligence, you’ll complete an in-depth diagnostic questionnaire that’s included in your order confirmation.


Each report is personalized just for you according to the details you provide.


You’ll get 10 new career ideas based on YOUR skills, goals and desired lifestyle.


This will be all yours within 7 days.

Take your next step towards fulfilling work.


Your time saved. Your inspiration found.


Get your career brainstorming at the touch of this button.