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Does your business need a great name?


But you feel stuck?


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Wouldn’t it feel wonderful if someone else could help you come up with an irresistible name for your brand or business?

You don’t have to struggle alone, feel overwhelmed or waste time searching for a legendary company name on the internet. You can hire an established entrepreneur and wizardly wordsmith to do it for you.

Strong, catchy names perform up to 33% better on the stock market than weak names. Choosing a great name for your business cuts through noise as well as your customer’s defenses.

This service will help you brainstorm or “namestorm” ideas for your business and save you time and effort.

Whatever your business is (product, service, app or knitting club), all you have to do is fill out a form, sit back, relax and wait to receive your custom company names.

Finding an unforgettable name for your business just got a whole lot easier.

What you’ll get

A tailor-made PDF report with 10 thoroughly researched business names (checked for availability on social media platforms and domains)

Evaluation sheets to analyse the different options according to your given criteria (which you provide in a short diagnostic self-assessment questionnaire upon booking)

Hitting your inbox within 7 days

The most convenient business naming service you can lay your hands on

All 10 proposed business names will:

Be available and memorable


Be distinct and unique


Be easy to interpret and pronounce


Be protectable. All names are checked for trademarks in the UK and US

Showcase your desired brand personality


Have been checked for linguistic viability in five languages


Match your brand tone


Allow you to expand your product or service portfolio in the future if you so desire

Career coaching

Your business “namestorming” coach

Hi, I’m Rosie and I’m a location-independent writer, editor and entrepreneur that’s been featured in ABC News, NBC News, Authority Magazine, HuffPost and the BBC among other reputable publications.


Over the past decade, I have dipped my feet into various industries and created several successful businesses including a fashion brand loved by Rihanna. I’ve worked in advertising agencies stringing words together, spinning jingles and being a creative wizard for some of the world’s most famous brands.


Today, I run a writing and editing business and work with high-profile names like Forbes Travel Guide, Shondaland, W Hotels, Airbnb, Norwegian Air, Fodor’s, Lonely Planet and the BBC.


My mission (and greatest pleasure) is to help people find career success and life satisfaction on their own terms. A business with an extraordinary name is one step towards achieving that.

As seen in:

Discovery Sessions


quotation marks

As we know, easy reading makes for hard writing, but Rosie makes it seem effortless and imbues her writing with the right amount of personality. You won't do better than hiring Rosie to write ANYTHING for you. Recommend 10/10.

– Pia Newman, Founder, Mindful Nomad Hacks

quotation marks

Rosie is the real deal, one of those cool people that's doing different things. She's so well-spoken and articulate; it's refreshing.

– Will Ganss, ABC News

quotation marks

I had the pleasure of working with Rosie on a retreat in Germany. Her communication skills are exceptional, demonstrated in her delivery of workshops, her writing, and her day to day interactions.

– Lisa Forbes, Founder, Sweet Seedling

This tailor-made business naming service is beneficial if you:

Already run a business or you’re creating a new one


Understand that a great company name is a good investment


Would like branding insights from an established entrepreneur


Are tired of searching for inspiration by yourself on the internet


Find it challenging to come up with good business names


Are still waiting for your revelation, eureka or light bulb moment to happen

Let’s find a business name your customers will love.

How it works

To get your business names you’ll complete a short diagnostic questionnaire that’s included in your order confirmation.


You’ll get 10 proposed brand names based on YOUR business and branding goals.


This will be all yours within 7 days.

Your time saved. Your inspiration found.


Get your business namestorming at the touch of this button.