About Rosie Bell
It feels great when you finally find your eureka.

It took quite a while to find mine.


Starting out in a London advertising agency, I have worn many professional hats and dipped my feet into various industries from matchmaking to running a fashion brand with a celebrity following (hello Rihanna). Just like you, I’ve faced burn out, lacked excitement, purpose and most importantly, clarity.


Through trial and (a lot of) error, I have now written my way to a career that genuinely complements my desired lifestyle and brought me professional as well as personal fulfilment.


About Rosie Bell

As with many entrepreneurs, Discovery Sessions came about by solving my own problem. Regarding career construction and life design I kept hearing the same advice: “Be curious and talk to people”.


When brainstorming business ideas, however, there wasn’t really a dedicated place to draw personalized insight or have real conversations with experienced people about the topics I was curious about.


I would have appreciated a timesaving service that paired me with experts to tell me their stories about the reality, requirements and possibilities of specific paths, to help me ascertain founder fit, provide encouragement, and take the guesswork out of decisions – so I created one.

About Rosie Bell Writer
Discovery Sessions is a life design brainstorming studio helping people curate their lives via personalized tools and expert access.

My mission is to help entrepreneurial life designers find their sweet spot – whether that’s relocating, switching careers, working remotely, creating passive income or starting a profitable business they actually like.

What you can find here is C.L.E.A.R. information – clarity, life design, entrepreneurship, adventure and remote work.


Our life design brainstorming tools include personal fact files, the blog, the Life by Design newsletter, online classes and expert “Discovery Session” interviews with yours truly.


All of these are designed to help you act on your curiosity and get clarity to face the future head-on.


Because finding your eureka feels great.

Ready to find yours?